To end what will hopefully be the last of our online sessions before we return in person, Singing Mums overcame the notorious Zoom lag to produce a video of their version of Umbrella by Rihanna/The Baseballs.

We love to think that during lockdown, we have held a bit of a virtual Umbrella over the heads of the mums, giving them a slice of normality and ‘me’ time for a couple of hours each week. A chance to forget the rest of the world, see friendly faces, sing their hearts out and send away some of the stresses we have all been facing in recent times.

We’ve appreciated the mums support so much in keeping our choir running over the past year, despite being unable to actually sing together. What a fantastic way to end this crazy journey with a colourful, all singing, brolly twirling version of Umbrella, as you’ve never heard it before. Ladies you rock!

Arranged by Lauren Elliott and recorded at home by the mums, with the help of our fantastic kids, who have clearly stolen the show! Video put together by Georgia Jakubiak and Lauren Elliott.

Singing Mums: Anita Hawryszczuk Cath Marson Claire Whittleston Hannah Coyle Jane Elliott Jemma Haynes Katy Hebblewhite Leanne Carter Lucy Shore Rebecca Dickson Zoe Sharman

Solos: Cath Marson Claire Whittleston

New term starts in June. See you all there!

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